Who Were You?

Growing up have I changed that much?

Who were you?  When reaching a more mature age such as your forties onwards, most of us will see how differently we view life now that we are older compared to when we were a teenager. Our skills will be different and the various life experiences will have taught us many things on our journey through life.  You may find this an odd or amusing exercise but you will be surprised when you see the result.  

What kind of skills did you have as a younger person and how have they developed as you aged? What new skills have you learned since then? Did you consider yourself to have weaknesses and strengths as a teenager? Have they changed and if so what is the difference now? You may think this is an odd exercise but we tend to forget who we were in our younger days.

Let’s do a mind map of who were you!

whoLook at the mind map, this is just an example of what a mind map is if this is new to you.  In the center put ‘Me Young.’  Then put whatever you want in the bubbles; add at least two more with weaknesses and strengths then add others if needed.  For example, the bubbles could be:

 Family –  Friends – School – Hobbies – Weaknesses – Strengths.

Outside the bubbles put who your family consisted of at the time; mother, father, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents.  Friends could be Jayne, Shirley, Anna.  The school could be the last school you attended and what subjects interested you and those you did well in such as maths, English, geography etc.  Hobbies, football, cycling, tap dance lessons, swimming.

When you have filled out your mind map on who you were as a teenager, draw another identical mind map, put ‘Me Now’ in the middle and fill this in with what your life is like now.

Example: The Social interests as a teenager were football, cycling, swimming and tap dance lessons. What are they now?  The same applies to everything else.  Obviously, you left college many years ago, but do you still attend some type of college either online or evening lectures and what subjects are you into now to those as a teenager?   What are your strengths and weaknesses now?  How much have you learned growing up into an adult?  What has been the biggest improvement in your life?  Are there still things you want to achieve or change in your life?  Do you still have the same family members or have some of them passed away or you no longer see for whatever reasons? Have you kept in contact with your teenage friends?  What are your hobbies now?

Once you have recorded all this information you will see how much the years have changed you as a person.  Some things stay with us all our lives such as a love for animals or various types of sport or art.

Keep your mind maps and update your ‘Me Now’ as the years go by.  This will help you keep track of where you are at that moment in time and if you have changed since the last time you did this exercise!


Jan, Life Coach You

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