Struggling to Lose Weight?

Weight Loss

Note:  If anyone has any concerns about their health before embarking on any kind of diet or exercise plan please go and see your doctor who will discuss what a suitable weight loss program is for you.

Trying to lose the pounds?  Tried all the diets, pills and shakes but none of them worked or you lost weight but put it all back on again once you stopped dieting.  There is no quick fix to losing weight and maintaining it.


There could be many reasons why you struggle to lose weight.  For example, in the past when dieting you became fed up with a boring diet, or you lost motivation. You could have been stressed out over something and in some cases, this leads you to the biscuit tin!  There could be a health problem.   If you have been dieting and exercising and the weight does not come off, go and see your doctor.   Emotional feelings can sway the way we think about many things and this includes losing weight.

Set your goal to lose weight for yourself and not anyone else!

Like any goal you set for yourself, the first thing is you must really want to do it and do it for you, not for anyone else.  For example, someone has made an unpleasant comment about your weight and your thought is, “I must look really fat for them to say that.”  You may start a diet of some kind because of that comment and not because you yourself have decided you want to slim down.  Dieting to appease someone else is surely going to fail.  On the other hand, the comment could make you start eating more to compensate for the hurt you are feeling.  If you have been told you must diet by some medical professional,  you could go on the defensive and think, “don’t tell me what to do!”  Does any of this sound familiar?

What is a sensible weight loss on a weekly basis?

Lose the weight slowly, 2 to 3 pounds a week this is better than losing  7 or 8 pounds a week. Your system will cope better with a few pounds and you will gradually become used to the new way of eating.

Things you need to stop eating and drinking

Just imagine you have been eating fish and chips, chocolate bars, cakes, crisps etc during a normal week and a takeaway at the weekend washed down with wine or whatever alcoholic beverage you like. When you decide to go on a diet these things will not form part of your weekly food intake.  You must be strong and determined not to give in to them. It is no good dieting all week then consuming alcohol and takeaways at the weekend because you will simply put all the weight back on and be right back at the starting post caught up in a never-ending cycle.

How to stay motivated?

Think about how you want to look after losing your weight and be realistic about this, don’t think of the models you see in the media because some of them look gaunt and if they want to remain in the limelight they are constantly battling to keep thin and thin is not slim! 

Look through a magazine, newspaper or on the internet and see a shape that you really like, cut it out or print it off.  Find a photograph of yourself and cut off your head and place this on the body of your cut out. Put it where you can see it, the fridge or food cupboard are good places. That is your second step the first one was wanting to do this for yourself and no one else.  

Next, decide on a diet plan that you know you can live with and you decide.  This should be a decision to eat sensibly and healthy because you know that doing this will eventually enhance the way you look outside; such as your skin and hair and how nice your body will look in your new clothes. You will have more energy and feel more confident in all areas of your life;  as you can see emotional feelings all come into this. 
Diet plans don’t have to cost the earth or be boring.  Simple things like fresh or frozen vegetables, lean meat, and fish, fresh fruit.  Eat fruit for snacking rather than biscuits, chocolate or crisps.  Breakfast bars or cereals (not those covered in chocolate, sugar or yogurt etc).  Drink skimmed milk and make water part of your fluid intake.  Water is marvelous for the skin and gives you so much energy and mental awareness.  Baked potatoes, or plain boiled. You don’t have to go without your roast dinner; there is now the one cal spray oils and as long as you remove the skin from chicken and the fats from steak, lamb, pork, and beef this would be fine. Give yourself a little treat once a week but not something you became addicted to before dieting such as chocolate or crisps. Choose something nice but not too naughty!
Invent your Own Diet and Exercise Plan

Inventing your own diet and exercise plan is your own bespoke little gem.  For example, if this works out well, it could possibly lead to you teaching other people and starting your own weight loss business.   Now that’s motivation!  Keep a diary of your daily dieting and exercising for this purpose you will need your notes to refer back to if you decide to go into business.

Simply walking with a spring in your step will give you exercise.  There is no need for expensive gym fees or having to tie yourself up into a yearly subscription if finances don’t permit.  However, if you can afford this then go for it!  Swimming is another excellent source of exercise and so is dancing.

Note:  If you have a disability you will find some links at the bottom of this article for you to check out.

What if I give in to certain cravings?


Here is another way to look at what may stop you from reaching your weight loss goal.

Your goal (ideal weight) is inside a  building but the building is across the water and the water is infested with sharks.  Name the sharks that are going to stop you getting across the water so you can reach your goal. This could be alcohol, you like this at the weekend after a hectic week to relax,  can you give this up at least for the first month into your diet.  Another shark could be called chocolate it has been your snack time favorite for ages!    These are your sharks, alcohol and chocolate there could be others such as exercise, you haven’t done any since leaving school. How are you going to decide to deal with these hungry creatures so you can cross the water and reach your goal,  your ideal weight!

The Bridge Exercise

You need to build a bridge but the bridge needs to have steps you can take to get across.  Let’s look at a new, fun way of doing this.  I believe that on or before (you choose a date) that I (Rah Rah – you) will celebrate that I see an increase in my success and I have not drunk alcohol for *4 weeks into my diet because I see a difference in my measurable change (*the time limit you have given not to drink alcohol). I am guided to what I need to know (your diet and exercise plan)  and I engage the support of my imagination and intuition to work with meEvery time you beat a shark, pat yourself on the back and be proud you have got this far.

Take one step at a time, in this example alcohol has been the first shark to eliminate now we need to do the same with the chocolate and exercise.  Set small step goals, that way your cravings whatever they are will soon disappear and exercise will become apart of your weekly routine, it does not have to be every day.  Be excited by your goals and retain the excitement because you are getting nearer and nearer to the other end of the bridge and the building that holds your goal!

Going back to your cut-out look at this every morning and imagine you have achieved your ideal weight. Choose an aromatherapy scent, something like orange or lemon these smells are associated with healthy foods.  While you imagine,  find a word or phrase to associate with your image and scent, it could be something like healthy new me.  Look into a mirror and look deep into your eyes imagining, smelling and saying the phrase healthy new me as you see the new you staring back.   This will only take around 5 to 7 minutes of your time every morning and if you want you could repeat this in evening.

This may seem a bizarre way of coping with the things that can hold you back from achieving your weight loss but it can work.  There will be a nagging little voice inside you saying, ‘I’m going to protect you from those sharks you don’t really want to cross the bridge to your goal.’  But, you have to counter-attack and think, ‘Yes I do want to cross the bridge and achieve my goal and the sharks are not going to stop me!’  Let your entire thoughts be positive and don’t talk negatively to yourself.  Once the weight starts to melt away, your confidence will soar and you will start to feel energized.

Everyone deserves a treat now and again.  However, it is over-indulgence all the time that causes weight to pile back on.  Don’t let all your efforts go down the drain once you have reached your ideal weight.  You don’t have to survive on a boring diet for the rest of your life just eat sensibly and exercise a couple of times a week after you have achieved your goal.  Just imagine how fabulous you are going to look!

Let’s Talk Food!

Plain foods like chicken and poultry can be spiced up with garlic, lemon and ginger, rosemary and thyme and other herbs and spices. The same applies to fish such as plain cod or haddock. Salmon and trout are good healthy choices.  Spice up your fish with parsley and other herbs there are many recipes on the internet to make these delicious meals.

Note: There will be some links at the bottom of this article to help you find wholesome and filling foods for your new diet and new you!

If you don’t have a slow cooker invest in one they are cheap to buy and you can cook up delicious meals that are full of taste.  Just switch it on before going to work and your meal will be ready when you return home.

Here is a list of 5 Superfoods to help with losing weight:

Ginger – It is an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and regulates the insulin response.  It builds up the immune system and can reduce the symptoms of flu and colds by killing harmful virus and bacteria.  It regulates the digestive system.  Ginger is rich in Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Folate. It will detox the body from harmful elements. It helps to reduce bloating because it improves the digestive system.    If consumed regularly it stimulates the metabolism and this helps the body to burn calories at a much faster pace.  If you are feeling stressed take a piece of ginger and sniff it for a few minutes.  The substance inhaled will reduce the stress levels and improve the mood. 

Blueberries – Rich in antioxidants and high levels of Vitamins K and C. There are only 40 calories in half a cup of blueberries making it an ideal snack if feeling peckish before a meal.  They help to eliminate constipation, essential for weight loss.  Blueberries also contain catechins which are fat-burning.  Include them in your cereal and porridge for extra health benefits!

Avocado  This is the beautifier!  Wonderful for the skin and body organs. Instead of using salad creams or oils replace them with sliced avocado and your health will be boosted ten-fold!  They strengthen the immune system with Vitamins K-C-B5-B6-E plus Potassium.  All these vitamins are essential for regulating the blood pressure, lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.

Avocado does have high-calorie levels but they are still an important part of the weight loss diet.  They help to regulate insulin so when you consume foods made of simple carbs or sugar instead of your body becoming over-weight from these carbs, the body simply digests them as other normal foods and keeps your blood pressure under control.

Avocado has been shown to fight the cells of prostate cancer and reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. Just simply eating half of an avocado per day can be a weight reducer and immune booster.  Because they are rich in fibre you will feel fuller much sooner than if you decided to have a low-fat option.  They are best eaten raw rather than cooked.  Like many things, cooking can destroy the health benefits of some foods. 

Broccoli – This helps to prevent illness and eliminates bad bacteria plus it is a powerful immune booster. Research has shown that broccoli can reduce cancer cells specifically those found in the mouth, throat, and stomach and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease because it reduces bad cholesterol and bad fatty cells.  It contains Vitamins A-C-K-Calcium and is rich in antioxidants which are good for reducing stress levels.   Dark green vegetables are especially good for the body’s health.

Garlic – An immune booster, bacteria fighter, antioxidant which helps to lower bad cholesterol.  It regulates blood and sugar levels.  The ideal amount is around 2 cloves per day, squashing it releases the goodness in the garlic.  If you don’t fancy eating it alone spread some pure organic honey on a slice of bread and add the crushed garlic.  It also helps to battle against the common cold.  Do not overeat garlic because it can cause:

  • Bad breath and body odor
  • Heartburn – burning in your throat and mouth
  • Nausea, vomiting, gas, and diarrhea

This would happen if you consumed say anything from 3 raw cloves upwards.  Stay at the 2 and you will be fine.


If you have followed your diet and exercise plan you should start to see the results.  And, finally, you will have beaten all the sharks and reached your ……. drum roll …


Well done, amazing and look at the new you!

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