Modern day life has become a roundabout ride for most working families with school children and for those in high-profile careers where there is enormous pressure to meet targets and wear many different hats and juggle with time to get things done.  It is not surprising that being stressed out is a common problem.

Stress is a massive modern day issue and can cause all kinds of unpleasant feelings. Becoming stressed can lead to other serious medical problems if it becomes a daily companion.

How can we de-stress and feel calmer?  

Try this breathing exercise it can be done anywhere; it does not matter whether you are sitting, standing or lying down, and will only take a few minutes.

If lying down move your arms just a little way from your sides with the palms of the hands facing upwards. Your legs can either be straight or if more comfortable bend the knees and let your feet be flat on the floor or bed.

If sitting, place your arms on the arms of the chair.

Should you be standing place your feet apart as if in line with the hips.

Loosen any restricting clothing; top button, tie etc.

1 – Deep breathe down into your stomach as much as you can without it causing any discomfort.

2 – Next gently breathe in through your nose and gently out through your mouth.

3 – Keep on doing this until you find your rhyme.

4 – Don’t pause or hold your breath but let it all out slowly (tip: trying a count to 5 may help).

5 – Try and do this for around 2 to 5 minutes.

This relaxation exercise will not solve your problems or stop the kids from playing up, but you will be more in control of your stress levels.

Practice this at least once a day, and you will gradually feel the benefits.

Another relaxation exercise you can practice when in bed either before going to sleep or when you wake up is this:


Imagine you have a secret beach where you go to alone; you can give it a name if you want to.  It is a quiet, peaceful, warm and sunny haven. There is a gentle, warm breeze caressing your face.   The sea is calm, and the sun’s rays are making it sparkle. You are sitting in your deck chair relaxed without a care in the world as you listen to the sound of the waves gently splashing to shore then ebbing back out again.  You feel the sand between your toes soft and comfy.  See the image clearly in your mind, feel the breeze on your face and hear the sound of the sea, feel the sand between your toes, now do the relaxation exercises we did in the first exercise.

Let your mind absorb the image and stay on your secret beach for as long as you want or can.

Instead of the beach, you can use a secret waterfall where you are standing beneath it and feel the warm water trickle over your body washing away your anxieties.

Remember this is your place only, where you escape and replenish your mental energy.

Teach yourself to become less stressed and enjoy your life more.

© Life Coach You