Just like planning a holiday or other type of event, setting life-changing goals requires a plan. It all depends on what kind of goal is in mind. For example, an ambition to run the London marathon would need quite a few measures set out to monitor the progress and to make sure everything is on track for a successful outcome. The outcome was not to win the event; it was the desire to take part.

When setting a goal, the person must be committed to it, and some goals can take a lot of self-discipline to achieve. In this case, a life coached is sometimes employed to help guide and support.

Example, the structure of a SMART goal:

Specific SMART Goal(s) – What?
Answer: I want to learn to drive within a year.

Measurement/Assessment – How will I know when I have achieved my goal?
Answer: When I am driving my car on my own.

Answer: I am motivated and committed to learning to drive and passing my test.  

Relevant and Realistic
Answer: I am confident I can achieve this, and I sincerely want to pass my driving test because it will help me in many ways with my career and personal life.  

Time Frame
Answer: I have given myself within a year to pass my test.  

Other smaller actionable steps can be added to the A in SMART.  For example, the person wanting to learn to drive would need to apply for a provisional licence, learn the highway code either hard copy or online.  Then there is the theory test to pass before being accepted for the practical driving test.  Support could be a friend or family member who would be willing to give lessons in between the booked lessons.   

With some goals, you can have options.   For example, a career goal where someone wants to be a model.  Being a successful model has many elements some are;  right height, right weight, the right look.   So this goal may need an option if the person fails to be successful.  The alternative might be working in the fashion industry with some other type of job role.  

Use the template to set your realistic goals; these are achievable with commitment, motivation and determination.  Good luck!

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