Weight Loss

When deciding to make changes to your life whether these are for a  new career, to eliminate unhealthy habits or an addiction, there needs to be a plan in place to track the progress.

It is easy to say to yourself I will start tomorrow; then tomorrow never comes!  But, if you have written down a plan and made a commitment to yourself to make those changes, it is more challenging to ignore unless you rip your plan up and throw it away.  Of course, you would then be throwing away the opportunity to make those life changes that will either make you more content and fulfilled with your life or indeed life changes that could save your life!  The choice at the end of the day is entirely yours.

The Recipe

It is not difficult to make life changes; look at the example below.  However, there is a recipe for a plan to be successful; a slice of commitment, a slice of determination, a good spoonful of willpower at first (willpower does not stay around too long), and a big slice of motivation to follow through!

You need to picture the outcome rather than what you see now.  Imagine having that new job you craved, or becoming a non-smoker, giving up alcohol, or losing weight and feeling great.    You need to see yourself graduated with that degree in hand, proud and excited that you did what you promised yourself.

Give it a go and see how you get along; remember the recipe:

  • a slice of commitment
  • a slice of determination
  • a good spoonful of willpower at first (willpower does not stay around too long)
  • a big slice of motivation to follow through

Good luck, Life Coach You


Nutrition Exercise
I intend to:

Have the energy to engage in my work and other creative pursuits.

Remain healthy, physically and mentally and reduce the risk of getting cancers, heart disease, stress and anxiety and other deliberating illness that would reduce the enjoyment of my life.

I intend to:

Keep my muscles toned and retain my ideal weight levels for my wellbeing. 

Have energy, motivation and love my body. 

Exercise to keep my body’s organs in good condition so they can do their job and reduce the possibility of developing life-threatening or deliberating illness. 

My Goal:

I will be realistic about a healthy diet plan and exercise routine and implement this within…….  I promise myself to follow through so that I can reach my ideal weight of…………

I will eat nutritious foods that will feed my body to keep me fit and healthy.

I have set a date to reach my ideal weight by……………

My Goal is to:

My exercise routine is to briskly walk for at least for ………. 4 times per week after work or before going to work and to increase the time gradually to……….  

To do some muscle toning exercises indoors on two days and rest on one day of the week. 

If I feel I can do more exercise I have promised myself I will. 


I will adopt healthier food choices and disregard foods that clog up my system causing harm. 

My food will contain the nutrients, protein and right amount of carbohydrates my body needs to keep healthy. 

I will encourage my family to eat healthier and educate them on what foods cause harm to their bodies. 


I will start to feel healthier and have more energy each day as I keep to my exercise routine. 

My body will start to look toned and slimmer as I keep going each week that passes. 

I am enjoying seeing my new body beginning to look great and healthy.


Create your own table, fill out the boxes to your liking and preferences.  If you want a blank copy email me and I will send one for you to print off.

Note  Life Coach You Strongly Advises:   Anyone with a serious weight problem should consult their doctor before trying any diet.  Some may not be suitable especially if there is another disease(s) present or taking prescribed medication.

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