Feeling a Little Blue – get SMART!

Feeling down in the dumps is a confidence destroyer.  If you feel depressed, your confidence is going to dive right down. Firstly, identifying when you started to feel this way and pinpointing why is the bit of magic that can help you back on the road to happier days!  Now is the time to write stem sentences or get SMART!  

Goals – Stem Sentences or SMART Goals

Setting goals to make each day more positive rather than negative can come in different methods. You could write sentence stems. These consist of a sentence you create by yourself or with a life coach and here is an example of a stem sentence:
“I am going to walk for at least fifteen minutes in the park tomorrow which will make me feel ……………….” you fill the blank in, how do you think you are going to feel; less sad? You can create a number of these sentences and make sure you take the action you have promised yourself to achieve whatever your target is. It is essential to write down your stem sentences so that you can see them rather than keep them in mind. If you do not write them down, you will be less motivated to follow through, or you could forget about them altogether.


You may prefer setting a SMART method goal.  Remember just like the stem sentences write your SMART goals down and put the paper where you can see it. 

For example, your goal by the end of the week is to feel better about yourself; this is the S in SMART, SPECIFIC goal. 

The M in SMART

However, you need to be able to measure your specific goal by asking yourself how will I know when my goal has been achieved? Will it be because I am smiling, laughing or talking more to people and going out and about instead of staying indoors?  

 The A in SMART

Is the goal actionable?  It is actionable because you are motivated to move forward with your goal.  

The R in SMART

Then you need to think is this a realistic goal, is it relevant to me? The goal is realistic and relevant because what you have put in place is a goal to feel better about yourself by the end of the week.

The T in SMART

Is your goal timely? Yes, you have given yourself seven days to feel better about yourself; taking actions such as motivation, walking for 30 minutes every day and using natural mood enhancing essential oils.

As you can see it is essential to have a plan for goals just like you do planning a holiday; when you will go, where to go and whether you will go alone or with other people, how much will you have to save up and how that will affect your monthly budget? It is like a check-list where you can tick off what you have achieved so far, and in doing so, this motivates you further to carry on with what is left to do.

These essential oils are good for depression:



Roman Chamomile. Chamomile is one the best medicinal herbs for fighting stress and promoting relaxation. 

Depression is a serious mental health issue and if it is consistent seeking the help of the doctor is advised. 

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