Quick Tip – Fear of Using a Lift

Afraid of Using a Lift



Lifts are everywhere, in shops, train stations, the workplace, airports, shopping centres and hospitals.  They are a common way of traveling from floor to floor.  But, what if the thought of getting into a lift fills someone with dread!  There are many people who have this phobia.

How can we attempt to cure this particular fear of using lifts?

The fear needs to be faced and dealt with otherwise it will control us and we will find ways of avoiding doing things or going to places because of that fear and subsequently it will have an effect on our lives at work, home and socially.  There is no time limit on accomplishing the goal, so long as the fear of using lifts is put to rest.

It is important to practice breathing exercises, they will release any tension and anxiety.  Breathe in slowly through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth, do this until you feel relaxed.

Step One

What smell would you associate with a lift?  The smell of steel and what about the taste? Metallic would be a good example.  Now imagine the smell and taste is something you really like.  For example, choose a smell that you are familiar with; perfume, aftershave etc and a let the taste be one of your favorite sweet foods such as chocolate or a cake.  Now imagine you are in a calm and beautiful place that smells like your scent and where you are eating and savoring your chocolate or cake; we will use cake for this exercise.  Make the image come alive in your mind and really smell the scent and taste the food.  When you have mastered this go to the next step.

Step Two

Go to a place where you can stand in the distance and view a lift, your local shopping centre would be ideal.  Imagine the lift smelling of your scent and tasting like your sweet food, then imagine the lift as the beautiful place you go to eat your cake.    Bring the image alive in your mind.   Do not attempt at this stage to enter the lift.    Watch how easily other people step in and out of it and think to yourself you may be doing that soon so you can enjoy your cake in peace and calm.

Step Three

Do this for as long as it takes you to picture the lift as a place of peace and calm.  When you feel comfortable with your image ask a friend or family member to accompany you to your beautiful place and imagine the gorgeous smell and the cake you are going to eat once you step into the lift.

Step Four

Just go up one floor, to begin with.  When you step out of the lift imagine you have just finished eating your cake and let the smell of your scent follow you as the lift doors close.


Keep practicing with someone until you know you are going to be just fine using the lift alone.

Jan, Life Coach You

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